NBA News: Lakers new starting 5, Spurs huge lineup, Heat a “no” on MVP

NBA Jeremy Sochan #10 of the San Antonio Spurs (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
NBA Jeremy Sochan #10 of the San Antonio Spurs (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /
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NBA News: Heat a “no” on MVP

The Heat spent pretty much all of the summer chasing a star that would help push them over the top after three deep playoff runs in the last four years. That didn’t happen and the Heat appear prepared to start the season without adding a third star. This is despite one being available but his team being unable to find a taker. With former MVP James Harden demanding the Philadelphia 76ers trade him, one would think that the Heat would have some interest in acquiring him.

However, according to Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, Miami has no such interest. Harden, despite his talent, is polarizing for a number of reasons, including forcing his way off of two previous teams, with the 76ers likely to be his third. He also appears not to take his conditioning seriously, and has a lackluster playoff record. Essentially, he doesn’t appear to meet the criteria set forth under Heat Culture.

But with only the LA Clippers reported to have interest in him and Harden seemingly doing everything he can to force a trade, the 76ers asking price could eventually go down. After all, he will be a free agent after this season and whoever acquires him won’t have him for the entire year, which may result in them offering less for a rental.

Would there reach a point where the Sixers demand only a first and a young player and would the Heat still not be interested then? That might depend on how long the Harden situation drags on and whether the Heat get off to a poor start.