NBA Rumors: Heat on the fence about a dealing key player in Lillard trade

The Damian Lillard trade saga is still ongoing after more than two months with the Portland Trail Blazers and Miami Heat at a standstill over a potential deal. With just weeks before NBA training camp, the pressure is on the Heat to get a deal done, but they are rumored to be reluctant to include a key player in the deal.

Caleb Martin had a breakout postseason for Miami and, in particular, proved crucial against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. With Martin on a cheap contract, he could be a valuable trade asset that could help Miami get a Lillard deal done. However, they might be having second thoughts about moving him.

The Heat have also been trying to keep another key player out of a potential Lillard trade. But with only three weeks to get a deal done before training camp, they may have to choose between the two players.

NBA Rumors: Miami may be on the fence about trading Caleb Martin.

Between the two players, keeping Martin appears to be more realistic since he is 27 and, while a good player, probably doesn’t fit Portland’s rebuild timeline. If they can hold onto him, he would help Miami’s bench, which could be in tatters depending on who is ultimately included in the Lillard deal.

Currently, Miami’s roster is far from complete, and having to move Martin to a third team would hurt them post-trade and give them very little depth. Worse yet, with time running out to get a deal done, they would have to work overtime to sign players prior to training camp to fill out their roster.

Ultimately, with time running out to get a Lillard trade completed, the Heat may have to choose between two players that they are looking to keep. If it comes down to it, the Heat would likely be willing to trade both, but there is a better chance of them keeping Martin.