2021 NBA Trade Deadline: 10 trades to shake up the season

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Trade No. 5: JaVale McGee to the Brooklyn Nets

Yes, another big man from the Cleveland Cavaliers, bringing the total up to three so far. JaVale McGee was a huge contributor to last season’s success with the Lakers but was unfortunately traded away during the offseason to make room for other signings.

When you’ve got the stars on your team, you need a player like McGee to do the dirty work. We saw his importance to the Warriors dynasty, as well as the size he brought to the table during the last two seasons on the Lakers.

Now on the Cavaliers, JaVale is not seeing starting minutes and there are many teams that are looking for a starting center to have around their stars. Obviously, a return to the Lakers is within the realm of possibility, but a move to the Brooklyn Nets seems much more likely.

There is a belief around the league that the Nets will actively pursue trading away Spencer Dinwiddie before the trade deadline. However talented Dinwiddie might be, his current injury is not helping the team and the Nets are ready to cash in and bring around some veterans that can help the team from day one, even if they are far less talented than Spencer.

Jarrett Allen’s departure has left a huge void in Brooklyn’s rotation. The center spot consists of a restless DeAndre Jordan and an inexperienced Nicolas Claxton. Bringing in a proven guy like McGee can hopefully elevate the team’s defense which, at the moment, is not looking good.