2021 NBA Trade Deadline: 10 trades to shake up the season

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Trade No. 1: Kyle Lowry to the Los Angeles Clippers

This would be a reunion that would instantly make the LA Clippers the favorites to win it all. Regardless of how talented a team the Clippers may have, their enormous point guard void has and will always hold them back.

Kyle Lowry has solidified himself as an all-time great in Toronto. He is an icon to the city and helped the team win their first and only championship in 2019. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end someday.

The Toronto Raptors are struggling to find their identity. They are stuck between competing for the playoffs and rebuilding, though it might not be long until the latter takes over. The team must get younger and Lowry does not fit the team’s scheme chronologically.

The LA Clippers have a few players that could be offered as part of a hypothetical Lowry deal. Realistically speaking, the Raptors cannot be expecting a major trade offer for a player on an expiring contract that will turn 35 on deadline day.

For the Clippers, trading for Lowry isn’t really that much of a longshot. The past experiment of his with Kawhi Leonard and Serge Ibaka ended up fueling the team that won the championship and Jerry West would be a fool if he thought that this couldn’t be repeated in LA.

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