Chicago Bulls: Watch First five minutes of Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance

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The Last Dance will debut on Sunday, April 19 Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel /Allsport

ESPN has released the beginning of Michael Jordan docuseries ‘The Last Dance’ two days early

On Sunday, ESPN will air the first two episodes of a 10-part series titled The Last Dance which dives into the final season of Michael Jordan‘s career with the Chicago Bulls. Today, they released the first five minutes of episode one.

This series, two decades in the making, was set to release in June in line with the NBA Finals, but due to the nature of the NBA season being up in the air and fans being without any current games to keep them satisfied, ESPN moved the rollout up several months.

Starting April 19 and for four following Sundays, ESPN will release two episodes at 9 and 10 pm EST, all one hour each.

The show is littered with cameos of notable people from Jordan’s era. Coaches, teammates, and opposing players are all featured.

The background of the series is that a film crew was given nearly unprecedented access to Jordan and the Bulls for the 1997-98 season, which was speculated to be the final year of Phil Jackson’s tenure as coach of the team. Jordan had publicly stated he would play for no coach other than Jackson, so the impending likelihood that it was Jordan’s last go of it was looming as well.

Watch the first five minutes of Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance here

The first five minutes give NBA fans lots of excitement for what is to come. It lays the foundation for a contentious first two hours and shows why this was such a crazy year to document.

A quote from Jordan in the first five minutes paints the picture of the friction between management and the players being at odds, not happy to hear about the coming changes and wanting to just get to playing.

“We had just finished winning our fifth title. It’s a lot of uncertainty. Management started talking about ‘the franchise is gonna change,’ or, ‘we’re gonna rebuild.’ I thought it was unfair, I would never let someone who was not putting on a uniform and playing each and every day dictate what we do on the basketball court.”

Jerry Krause’s character to the story of the 1998 Bulls is also introduced.

One thing is for sure, we can’t wait for this.

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