Oklahoma City Thunder: 5 potential targets in 2019 NBA free agency

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2. Trevor Ariza

Oklahoma City’s biggest free agent need is a wing player with good size who can defend and hit 3-pointers. Trevor Ariza is the prototypical “3-and-D” guy that fits that mold.

Ariza proved his fit in the modern NBA with the Houston Rockets from 2014-18, playing alongside James Harden and being the Rockets’ No. 1 defensive stopper on the wing. He became an integral part of Houston’s Western Conference Finals run in 2018, shooting 36.8 percent from 3 while guarding the opposing team’s best wing player every night.

Ariza chose to cash in this past season, agreeing to a one-year, $15 million contract with the Phoenix Suns before getting traded to the Washington Wizards only 26 games into the season.

Now at 33 years old (34 years old by the start of the 2019-20 season) Ariza will most likely be looking to get a two- or three-year contract, most likely the last one of his career.

Oklahoma City desperately needs a big wing player who can relieve Paul George and his 36.9 minutes per game while not seeing a massive drop-off in production. Ariza seems like just the right type of player to do that.

The market this summer for a player of Ariza’s talents and size seems to be large. While he may not get many offers for more than what the Thunder could offer, a well-defined role and fit with the team will most likely be deciding factors for Ariza this summer.