The Best ‘Crying Jordan’ Memes Of The 2015-16 NBA Season

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Crying Jordan

LeBron James gets the meme treatment

4. LeBron James

This feels like a classic meme that has stood the test of time. The beauty here is that it captures Jordan during his Hall of Fame speech and then merges LeBron James with the crying face. A bit of role reversal but very funny nonetheless!
(photo credit @woodymlb4)
Crying Jordan

Michael Jordan on his mobile at the NCAA Final in 2016

3. Jordan At NCAA Championship game

Okay, so it’s not NBA. But everyone who knows basketball knows Jordan was a Tar Heel. The internet nearly broke following the UNC’s stunning loss to Villanova in the NCAA Championship game.
You’d be forgiven for thinking the internet overheated because of the game but this was only half of the story. Every news feed under the sun was awash with Crying Jordan memes and that made it hard to pick the best but, for your amusement, we tried.
(photo credit @bubbaprog)

2. LeBron Chalk Toss

LeBron James has a pre-game ritual that garners attention in every NBA arena. In front of the scorer’s table, James will toss chalk high into the air with both hands before blowing the chalk into a cloud above him.

As James chases his third NBA title the specter of Michael Jordan looms over his legacy as one of the ultimate marks of postseason success.

(video credit @barstool_sports)

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