Building The Perfect NBA Player Series

Welcome to the Building The Perfect NBA Player 10-part series, exclusive to! Each week, we’ll go over another category in our quest to create the perfect NBA player.

For each category, we’ll list five of the best candidate, with the winner at the end. We’d love to hear what you have to say about each category, so feel free to leave your thoughts.

What makes the perfect NBA player? He has to have great size, speed, playmaking ability and smarts. He has to have ice water running through his veins. He needs to be intense and energetic, with both the desire and the ability to beat anyone in his path.


Part I: Body – LeBron James
Part II: Speed – John Wall
Part III: Personality – LeBron James
Part IV: Basketball IQ – Tim Duncan
Part V: Playmaking – Chris Paul
Part VI: Shooting – Steve Nash
Part VII: Clutch Gene – LeBron James
Part VIII: Defense – LeBron James
Part IX: Intensity – Kevin Garnett
Part X: Big Game Experience – Tim Duncan

Look for a new part every Monday, starting on May 13, 2013 and concluding July 15, 2013. You may have caught my previous version of this on another site. This is all new and updated for 2013!

Only current players are eligible for this series. We’ll be doing the all-time list shortly afterwards. Now, let’s build the perfect NBA player!