Top 5 Threats to Kevin Durant's Scoring Title

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In the captain obvious comment of the year, Kevin Durant told SLAM Magazine that he believes he’s the best scorer in the world. Some have attempted to dispute that, but winning four of the past five scoring titles is all the evidence Durant needs.

As the 2014-15 NBA season nears, Durant will be the target of every player in the association. Not only is he the reigning scoring champion, but he won league MVP for the first time in 2013-14.

While many are focusing on who will win MVP, a subjective award, not enough attention is being given to an objective honor. The scoring title is not only a metric of elite individual achievement, but it often coincides with team success.

The question is, which players have the best chance to challenge Durant as the best scorer in the NBA? More applicably, who are the top threats to the 2014-15 scoring title?

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