2014 NBA Draft: Texas Legends' P.J. Hairston Player Profile

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P.J. Hairston had no trouble adjusting to the D-League's longer 3-point line. (Screen capture from youtube.com)

P.J. Hairston had no trouble adjusting to the D-League’s longer 3-point line. (Screen capture from youtube.com)

P.J. Hairston, 21 years old, Texas Legends/ North Carolina Tar Heels, 6-5, 228 lbs

2013-14 D-League Stats (26 games played): 21.7 points, 45% field goals, 3.4 rebounds, 36% 3-pointers, 1.5 steals, 87% free throws

The Skinny: 

P.J. Hairston spent this past year in the NBA’s D-League system after some controversy throughout this past summer and early fall while still with North Carolina. An NCAA investigation later, Hairston was forced to leave UNC and either train on his own or join the NBA’s minor league system before entering the 2014 NBA Draft. He chose the latter and had great success along the way. He was fourth in the league in scoring this past season and started to shed some light on the D-League vs. NCAA debate. Now he’s placed into the draft and will look to make a statement along the way.

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  • bumpandrun

    I really hope he learned from this past year and I hope the fact that he is going to make it to the NBA anyway doesn’t lessen what he takes from it. I see a major flaw in his character in that he kept messing up even while in trouble for messing up before. Young people can be forgiven for making mistakes, but continuing to make them shows a problem that desperately needs to be fixed. That being said, I hope he has straightened himself out and does make it in the NBA. I will be rooting for him just as hard as I did for Danny Green and the Spurs last night!

    • Nathan Giese

      I hope he straightened up too. I think he’s got a shot to be pretty good or at least productive in the league for years to come. Just has to keep his head straight. Still curious to what exactly happened last summer, but we may never know.