2014 NBA Mock Draft: Evaluating The Top 30

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NBA Draft

Jun 27, 2013; Brooklyn, NY, USA; A general view as NBA commissioner David Stern (right) , deputy commissioner Adam Silver (left) and former NBA player Hakeem Olajuwon speak on stage after the first round of the 2013 NBA Draft at the Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 NBA Draft almost upon us, now seems as good a time as ever to break down and fully evaluate the incoming talent.

More than any other draft in the last few years, the 2014 class have been lumbered with expectations from the get-go. Throughout the two-year cycle of evaluation that draft prospects generally tend to go through, a number of this year’s entrants have been dubbed as “can’t miss.”

As a whole, the draft itself has often been dubbed as “franchise-changing” too. It’s the reason that tanking has been an unfortunate buzz word in the NBA this year, and the reason that as the day itself draws ever nearer, excitement continues to build with the fans.

Although some have rallied against the perceptions of the quality of this draft class, the reality probably lies somewhere between the positive and negative hype it has received. There are players who seem to have potential to build careers as stars in the NBA, but perhaps more importantly, this is a draft that appears to have depth.

Some draft classes provide legends and heroes like 1984, 1996 and 2003, and then others fill out rosters with the quality role players that help make the NBA the premier basketball league on the planet. The 2014 Draft has the potential to do a little of both.

Assessing talent, and trying to establish best fits is always difficult at this stage, but seen as it’s Mock Draft season, it’s only natural to join the speculation.

I’ve ordered this year’s class in terms of combination of talent, how they fit with certain teams, and even rumored inclinations of general managers.

It’s how I envision things right now, but I look forward to discussing how everyone else feels about this class.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at which prospect will be the first draftee to shake Commissioner Adam Sterling’s hand since he took over from David Stern.

Let the traditional boos (or cheers for the new guy) begin with our new 2014 NBA Mock Draft!

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  • Realist

    Would be a heck of a draft for the Suns if they got those three.

    • Adam McGee

      Agree, completely. It’s not far-fetched either.
      I know there’s been so much talk about them making trades using picks, but keeping them could work pretty well too!

  • coachj

    Lavine is inexperienced, untested, and has not shown any ability to play the game at the NBA level. He couldn’t crack minutes at UCLA, why would you draft him over guys that were starting and eating his minutes in college. This is purely a case of writers being impressed by athleticism. He is a over-dribbling gunner who cannot even shoot efficiently and lacks the understanding of the game to be effective. Can he change that in time? Maybe, but I would n’t waste my pick on him. Suns already have an uber-athletic guard that can shoot lights out at times in Gerald Green. They don’t need Lavine. Payne makes a lot of sense for the Suns as his skill set fits their system and Channing Frye is in his opt year. Robinson is fine, but only if there are not other SF that are two-way guys on the board. Suns maybe better to consolidate two picks into moving up the draft board to 8-9 spot and pick up another player in that trade…