2014 NBA Mock Draft: Kevin Love Trade Scenario Edition

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Mar 26, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (42) shoots over Atlanta Hawks center Pero Antic (6) during the third quarter at Target Center. The Timberwolves defeated the Hawks 107-83. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks away from the 2014 NBA Draft, all the speculation will soon end.

Until that time, though, there will be a number of projected draft possibilities. The biggest question most people have at this point is what order the top three projected prospects–Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker–are selected. Most feel that either one of the Kansas prospects will go first overall, though it may be in Cleveland’s best interest to take Parker.

There’s also another wild card at play with the draft: Kevin Love. Love’s name has been tossed around in trade rumors, linking him to a number of teams, most of which have some major draft pick assets to give to the Timberwolves in return. If a trade happens within the next two weeks or on draft night, Minnesota could see a major roster and franchise shakeup.

Just to make things interesting, we’re going to do things a little different. The big teams that have been linked to Love trade talks (Boston, Chicago, Phoenix and Cleveland) will still get their draft picks, but at the end there will also be an alternate pick for Minnesota as a hypothetical. So say at No. 6 when Boston is selecting, the Celtics will still own the pick, but at the end we’ll give Minnesota the pick as well and make the choice that would best fit the Timberwolves. Just all in good fun since Love trade talks have been a centerpiece for the draft lately. In parentheses we will state who Minnesota has already picked and what other picks they would have in each hypothetical situation, just to avoid confusion.

So let’s get started.

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  • Marty Susman

    K. Love NEEDS to stand up and make it 100% clear he will not sign a new contract with anyone of then the Lakers,,,,,,, Same thing with K. Irving & Greg Monroe. If the three of them want to build a real dynasty it will be here in L.A. not as an addition to another team. The three of them can go down in NBA history for winning 4 rings but it can only be done in L.A. as a Laker…

    • Nathan Giese

      But what if, now hear me out for a second, he WOULD sign an extension with a team other than the Lakers and, and I know how crazy this is gonna sound, what if he doesn’t WANT to only go the Lakers?

    • Leroy Boyd

      Laker fan with Laker wishes please LA is done for years who gives a sh*t about the Lakers anymore and you think all 3 dont want the max deal keeping wishing Hollywood

    • victor cortes

      lmao keep dreaming. He has a better chance of winning a title in Golden State than with the garbage lakers

    • Andre Powell

      Marty, because you are in LA, you not only get a pass on your way of thought, but also your grammar. Comma’s really?

  • mike hogan

    Simplistic thinking on 76ers. Hinkie is creative and if he wants Vonleh (and I don’t disagree with the pick) he’ll approach Utah and get their 5 (which becomes Vonleh) for Parker, who is not only ready to play but also a Mormon AND they also include their #23 in the 1st round….Now they have Vonleh (best PF)…a #10 (Stauskas?…best SG)) ..AND grab the best SF left on the board at 23

    • Nathan Giese

      Philly is just a mystery to me. I could see them going this way but I also see them making some kind of move to get something for Thaddeus Young. It’s not outside the realm of possibility for them to go that route, but it’s just one option I see them possibly taking.

  • stevee

    I dont understand why you’re saying the twolves should draft Doug and then back it up with nothing but negative things. Good journalism

  • coachj

    Suns aren’t trading BOTH Bledsoe and Dragic. Also, they aren’t trading either of them. Stop perpetuating MINNY fanboy fantasies.