NBA Power Rankings: Ranking the Potential Free Agent Destinations

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A lot of decisions go into where a free agent may want to sign. They have to consider their family life, the money, the chances of winning and the team’s history. In this edition of NBA Power Rankings, we’re going to rank all 30 of the NBA teams based on those different variables, to find out where the most desirable free agent destinations are.

Each destination will be ranked from the player’s perspective. For example, we can safely assume that good weather is a positive variable, so don’t expect to see Milwaukee at the top of the list.

Salary cap won’t be directly taken into effect, so we won’t be punishing certain teams who have little to no flexibility (such as the New York Knicks). Consider our potential player to be a mid-level exception kind of guy, who could choose to sign with any of the 30 clubs.

Let’s get right into it.

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