NCAA: Coaches On The Hot Seat For 2014-15

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The college basketball offseason is full of wonderful things. Between coaches changing gigs, players transferring from one program to another and recruits committing to a school, the influx of stories around the nation can be coming as often as they do during the season. Even with all of that, though, it might leave you in a place where you could be missing actual basketball talk.

You know, things like asking about which players are front-runners for the Naismith Award, which teams are ranked too high or too low, and which program is going to wind up cutting down the nets in the Final Four.

Hooray speculation!

Before any of that could happen, the success of a program and its players starts with its coach. That’s why we tend to see the same programs near the top of the mountain in college basketball each year. The same coach is with the same program and he is likely really good at his day job.

However, there are other coaches. Ones who once had a lot of promise and have not lived up to it, or guys who were once a proven commodity, but have failed in their new position. Those coaches are now, likely, on the proverbial hot seat for the 2014-15 season.

Let’s take a look at which coaches will be fighting for their jobs in the upcoming season.

Note: This is not set in any order of whose seat is the hottest. Just seven guys fighting for their jobs!

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  • Nathan Giese

    Still don’t see why everyone thinks Tom Crean is the problem at Indiana. They didn’t have a team this year, that’s why they sucked. It wasn’t Crean’s fault he made Oladipo and Zeller into NBA talents that left early. As for Masiello, I don’t want to place the blame on him entirely for his false resume. Things like thinking you graduated when really you didn’t happen far too often. I can recall 3 cases of this in the last few years with some teams I’m close to so it’s nothing new, just unfortunate.