Kerr-nel Of Truth: Rebuilding the New York Knicks Will Be Heavy Lifting

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Warriors’ Signing a League-Wide Shoc-Kerr

The New York Knicks suffered their first major defeat of the Phil Jackson era on Wednesday night when NBA analyst Steve Kerr opted to leave the broadcast booth and spurn the Knicks for the Golden State Warriors.

For now, it’s a huge blow to Jackson’s Knicks. After all, Kerr was Jackson’s guy. And right up until the time the Warriors tried for a second time – and succeeded – with signing Kerr to become their next head coach, Kerr was fully expected to be signed, sealed and delivered to New York.

As ESPN Senior NBA Writer Marc Stein said during an ESPN interview minutes after the news of Kerr choosing Golden State broke, “This is a league-wide surprise. Everybody thought that Steve Kerr, one way or another, was going to end up with the Knicks. I would include the Warriors in that group as recently as the weekend… this is a major surprise and quite a coup for [the Warriors].”

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