Toronto Raptors: 5 Possible Destinations For Kyle Lowry In Free Agency

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Although negotiations cannot officially begin until July, the general perception is that the Toronto Raptors and free-agent-to-be Kyle Lowry have mutual interest in agreeing to a new contract.

This is not at all surprising, considering Lowry guided the team to a franchise-record 48 wins, the Atlantic Division crown, the first playoff appearance since 2008, and within a bucket of advancing to a second-round matchup with the Miami Heat.

Starting point guards are not cheap, especially those coming off breakout seasons. As such, the Raptors will have to make a substantial offer to Lowry if they want him to be a part of their future.

Mar 23, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry (7) dribbles past Atlanta Hawks guard Shelvin Mack (8) during the first half at the Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

My guess is that Lowry will command a salary somewhere in the range of $60 million over five years. An advantage in favor of the Raptors is that other suitors are limited to offering the 28-year-old a maximum term of four years — that is unless a sign-and-trade agreement was to be reached.

Given Lowry’s All-Star caliber performance in 2013-14, with career highs in points per game (17.9), assists per game (7.4), and 3-pointers made (190), coupled with his contribution to team success, there is going to be plenty of competition for his services on the open market.

While in the end I think it is most likely that Lowry returns to the Raptors, here are five possible destinations that could make sense, at least from a basketball standpoint.

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  • Lloyd

    I can’t see Lowry being on any of the above mentioned teams except the Lakers. Even then, I think they’d try to reign in a more “flashy” all-star. I think Lowry has earned himself a max contract in Toronto, and don’t see why Masai shouldn’t commit to him long term. Whether he wants to come back due to managements doubts in him is a completely different story.

    • Tinmann

      Max contract – are you crazy?
      5 years – is the writer crazy?
      Look for it to be 3-4 years – between 10-11 mill annually

      • Lloyd

        Since the Rudy trade, Lowry has been putting up MVPesque numbers. He’s the heart of this young and exciting Raptors team. If the Raptors don’t lock him down, someone else sure will. He’s earned his pay day.

        • noname

          he’s gonna get double what he’s making now (6 mil) but no more. And he is most definitely not a max contract. If he was john wall’s age, then maybe, but he is only going to be this good for another 2-3 years then decline, he won’t really improve anymore so…

          • Lloyd

            But his game isn’t really based on athleticism, the only place he’d lose a step with age. He’s scrappy player with a huge basketball IQ and the ability to lead. John Wall was less valuable to the Wizards than Lowry was this year to the Raptors. Wall still has to make that next step in terms of leadership and intangibles. Lowry is already there.

          • Tinmann

            And you base this on a 60 game stretch of an injury riddled career.
            Absolutely nuts!

        • Tinmann

          MVP esque. C’mon. And I’m a huge Lowry fan.
          If you think he’ll even approach a max contract, after really only one better than average season in his career, a career with various injuries, then you are a fool.
          And I want him back badly. Look for 3 years with an option, at an average of 10 mill.
          The only team stupid enough to pay more would be the Knicks. And I don’t think Lowry is stupid enough to go there. He is surrounded by a great organization on the rise, he will not leave Toronto. He likes his situation here.

  • Jensan

    Lakers have no chance to spend money there, they have no rebounding unless they sign Gasol, or even go maximum on Greg Monroe, way before a point guard, and they can draft Smart, who ultimately replaces Kobe in two years.
    4 Years/44. Stephen Curry package starts at 9.8 million goes to 12 million. Lowry is not better than Curry. Tougher but not better.
    Comparing Wall who is 21 /22 year old to Lowry who is 28, and his peak years are happening now. Lowry can not stay with Wall, in two years Lowry will need a moped to catch up to Wall. Get your best 2 years of Lowry and than begins the Calderon Cycle. Also Lowry will have a weight issue if he is not careful, for Oliver Miller it was fine but for Lowry it could effect is whole game.