2014 NBA Mock Draft: Playoff Edition

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The NBA Playoffs are in full force. We’re witnessing pure entertainment with every dribble and every jumper. We’re so lucky to be able to see these high-caliber players do battle with their careers, contracts and livelihoods on the line. The fun is just beginning as we move closer to the NBA Finals.

But as we move closer to the Finals, we also move closer to the NBA Draft, one of the more intriguing, confusing and overly entertaining days that kicks off the offseason. Last year’s draft was rather lackluster, but the 2014 NBA Draft has so much going on it’s even a little difficult to keep everything straight. That’s where we’re here to help.

In this edition of the mock draft, we’ll look at players that make the most sense for respective teams, key free agents and coaching situations to help determine who should go where as the draft picks stand. The draft lottery will have bring more clarification among teams hoping for the top overall pick, but for now we’ll stick with what we know.

Let’s get started.

*Note: Jordan Adams’ (UCLA) decision to enter the draft after declaring he would return to school occurred without enough time to reflect that in this mock. He’s a mid-first to early-second round selection. He will be reflected in the next mock draft. 

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  • Aaron Graves

    “We’re so lucky.” Wow. What are these Gods we’re watching? Get a hobby.

    • Nathan Giese

      I have many hobbies. Wood carving is pretty crazy sometimes.

  • Chris Reichert

    If Kyle Anderson goes 7th overall…just…phew. Vonleh dropping to 10th for the Sixers would be ideal for sure and I just don’t see how guys like Markel Brown, Zach LaVine and GRIII are above PJ Hairston. Also, whats up with Payne being so low? I thought he played himself into possible late lottery in the tourney….

    • Nathan Giese

      I think Payne can sneak up in the draft with the right situation but the problem is there’s a lot of teams wanting younger players and upside. Payne’s also got that foot issue he was dealing with this year. Hairston could be a question because of what we don’t know about last summer while he was still with UNC. I’m very pro Kyle Anderson. So versatile and smooth no matter what position he plays in.

  • Letterman007

    I think the Cav’s will make a trade for the player that will replace Deng!!! That will free them up to take Vonleh in the draft, as they need size and they will pick up someone like Evan Turner to team with Kyrie and then have a bench of Waiters , Jack, Andy, Zeller and Bennett !! Sounds a little better depending on who they get to replace Deng??