NBA Best Of The Week: Handing Out Our Awful-NBA Awards

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With the regular season just completed, much of the attention turns to individual honors for the 2013-14 NBA season. Heck, here at HoopsHabit alone, we’ve devoted much bandwidth to the topic.

But what about the awards no one would want? Every player craves to be named to an All-NBA team or All-Defense or All-Rookie.

The other end of the scale? Not so much. And with that here it the debut of what we hope becomes an annual tradition at HoopsHabit: The Awful-NBA Awards, which will include first- and second- Awful-Rookie teams, first- and second- Awful-Defense teams and the Awful-NBA teams themselves, broken into three teams.

But that’s not all. We’ll have the Awful Rookie of the Year, the Awful Defensive Player of the Year, the Awful Coach of the Year, the Least Improved Player, the Fifteenth Man of the Year Award and, of course, what awards list could be complete without the worst of the worst … the Least Valuable Player.

So buckle up, have a sense of humor and understand that greatness is not possible without some true awfulness to be had on the other end of the scale.

QUALIFICATIONS included 41 games for the Awful-Rookie team, 50 games and 25 MPG for the Awful-Defense and Awful-NBA team and 60 games and 41 starts for the individual awards (exception for the 15th man award, which is 60 games and 20 minutes a game in no more than 20 starts).


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