NBA Rookie Rankings 4/20/14: HoopsHabit Names Its Top Rookie

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Mar 2, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; Orlando Magic shooting guard Victor Oladipo (5) is chased by Philadelphia 76ers point guard Michael Carter-Williams (1) during the second half of the game at the Amway Center. Orlando defeated Philadelphia 92-81. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve reached the end of the regular season in the NBA so it is time for us to end all of the speculation and name a winner for this year’s Rookie Rankings.

Almost every week we’ve brought you a set of fresh rankings for the NBA rookies, rating them five through one with very little variance in who was involved in the rankings. For the most part, four players dominated the rankings all season long with the fifth spot fluctuating through as many as six different players at any given time.

It’s time to cap it all off and present the HoopsHabit Rookie of the Year award to one deserving player. One player in particular is sure to walk away with the real award, but do we agree? Let’s find out.

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  • MontySr.

    All I can say Nathan is thank God you do not have a vote as your logic is illogical!! MCW is with out question the rookie of the year all of you guys who get to write articles should have to watch the games and actually look at statistics. I love this crap that Philly lost 26 in a row!! They lost 4 more games than Orlando and the Buck were worse than Philly. No one said either of them tanked. MCW busted his ass every second he was in the game never took a play off and played injured all year. He averaged 3 minutes more than Oladipo and he played 10 less games. He had to have the ball in his hands every night dishing it off to a DLeague Roster. If he had Orlando’s roster or Utah’s his statistics would have been even better. The last two months of the season are more of what you will see next year even better! 50% + from field, 40% from 3pt, 80+ from FF 10+ assists, 6+ rebounds (frigging point guard!) MCW and LeBron only 2 players 16+, 6+,6+ in the NBA and he was on the second worst team in league!!! MCW will be NBA All Star for years. The Oladipo experiment at point is over in Orlando, MCW on that team Jamir has no job!! Amazing how all of you writers can write this crap! He leads every rookie in every category, has more rebounds than the center rookies, he must suck! Can you imagine a point guard averaging more rebounds than Kelly Olynak!! If his guys could finish he would be averaging 10+ assists a game! his line for last Celtics Philly game should have read 21, 14, 12, 4, 2, they missed 6 layups two which were dunks. This happened all year. Obviously you do not watch any games but can sure write some stupid comments. Best part is when some one comments on your articles you don’t have enough brains to comment back as you don’t have the facts. Guys like you write this crap MCW should get every first place vote, I wrote David Aldridge as well no balls to respond and guy Mitch Lawrence at NY Daily News as well, and Mahoney on SI all guys that should be writing for your local HS paper with the crap you write with no back up. WATCH THE GAMES AND ENTIRE SEASON AS I DID! BEFORE COMMENTING!! IT WAS PAINFUL OTHER THAN MCW’s PERFORMANCE! Sixers will be much better and MCW will get at least 5-

    • Nathan Giese

      I feel as if you’ve had this argument prepared for quite some time.

  • MontySr.

    MCW will be even better next year and the 10 teams that passed on him not only wish they had not this year will be wishing they had better in house scouts for years to come. Have nice day but man I wish you would take up writing about the Westminster Dog Show not NBA players.

    • Nathan Giese

      Tried to write about the dog show before but it was far too complex for my little brain to comprehend.

  • MontySr.

    Finally you responded I have commented before and yes I know this player inside and out and follow all the games. Unheralded coming out of Syracuse if the scouts knew his real game he would have been picked by Orlando seeing they wanted a new point guard and if they really watched the Indiana Syracuse game when Jimmy B, finally let MCW shoot he ate Oladipo for dinner.

    I think it is very misguided by all you who have written MCW does not deserve to win due to Sixers tanking, Bucks, Magic, Jazz, Celtics, Pelicans, Lakers they all stink and MCW started every game and played with what he had, and Evan Turner is no peach and Hawes did not want to play defense. Turner has done great since going to the Pacers and they screwed their team chemistry by trading Granger. They would have been better off keeping him and if he had stayed with Sixers he would have helped but he chose to give up his Larry Bird rights(bad move) and play for the Clippers.

    Next year the sixers may make the playoffs as they will have 3 new players better than everyone on the team other than MCW and Young who had to play the 4 and he is a 3. The Sixers no doubt were trying not to win but so were those other teams at least MCW never laid down, watch the tapes he played on ever possesion, Yoiu cannot penalize him for that or how they made Brown coach, starting line up after the trade should have been Sims, Young, Williams, Thompson and Mike, Thompson and Williams can play they rarely were on the floor at same time as it resulted in positive outcome, they only played MCW 8 minutes a quarter, there were times they were winning and by time he got back in down by 15 again not his fault.

    We will have to wait and see but when a guy puts up numbers on a shit team that are Historic that only Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson have put up come on see the light he is ROY on a good team he would have done better. God knows what he could have done at the point for the HEAT, PACERS, San Antonio (Sixers Run same offense). Also he was 5th in league in steals so he plays Defense just crazy the articles I have read saying they voted him number 2 instead of 1 because they lost 26 in a row. Big Deal Orlando won 4 more games Utah 5 all you guys need to get your facts straight. Look at how many double doubles he had and triple double and how many he could have had if the team could finish.

    MCW will win ROY year and as Jay Bilias assutely said in 5 years we could be saying MCW was the class of the 2013-2014 Draft! Which everyone already knows. MCW combination Magic Johnson, Michael Jordon when his career is over 15 years from now Sixer Nation will be smiling as he will go down as one of greatest to play in their city and in the NBA.

    NO ONE KNOWS how good he really is and what type of BB IQ he has and how he was taught and trained to play! Family of Basket Ball geniuses and his step father could be coaching in the NBA. No I am not a family member but close enough to know the facts and have the courage of my convictions as to how good he is and will be.

    Next year you can write how great he plays and I will chime in as to how great a writer you are at covering NBA talent. Until then Oladipo is number 2 and MCW number one.

  • ecmic

    Vegas had Philly’s over/under win total for the year at 16.5 games. This was based on Philly’s opening day roster. If Vegas had the foresight to know that Philly would gut their lineup halfway through the year (and that Noel wouldn’t play a single game), the Vegas over/under would’ve been closer to 12 games. They only won 19 games, but with all factors considered – and with the knowledge that halfway through the year Philly actively decided to try to lose games – they still easily outperformed expectations. Care to guess who was the X-factor in Philly exceeding expectations despite playing against a stacked deck?

    Orlando’s over/under win total was 23.5. They did not exceed expectations.

    This should be reason enough to bury the “Oladipo’s team was more successful” argument. When viewed in a vacuum, they were. Context matters, and MCW made his team better to a greater degree than did Oladipo.

  • David Owens

    i think you are out thinking what ROY should be. The only guidelines has always been who has individually performed better. Your reasoning would give the award to Plumlee. He has helped his team more than Oladipo and he in the playoffs. Most people decided Oladipo would eventually be ROY before the season started and they don’t want to change. If a HOF player like Magic Johnson says MCW is ROY I think we should listen. It’s harder to have great numbers on a team with no talent then one with a little talent. There was no game plan to stop Oladipo from scoring because he is not the number one or two option for Olando. MCW was the only option for the Sixers. Wake up and smell the coffee.