NBA Best Of The Week: The Team Of The Week Is Definitely A New Face ... Or Bunch Of Faces

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There is a certain repetitive nature to lists such as these, because the data tends to work out to be remarkably similar from week to week. The best players and the best teams will tend to be the best over smaller chunks of time—say a week or so—as well.

Not this week. The team of the week honor goes to a club that hasn’t been honored this season. My history with this column only goes back a bit more than a year, but it’s entirely possible that this team has never been honored.

I mean, the Charlotte Bobcats aren’t that far removed from being a punch line. But here they are, sitting all sparkly and shiny atop the heap as this week’s team of the week.

The Bobcats won seven games two seasons ago. They won 21 a year ago. As of this writing, they’re 39-38 and threatening to post just the second winning season in franchise history.

There’s even an outside chance Charlotte could match their single-season wins record—a not-so-gaudy 44 set in 2009-10, the only other season the Bobcats made the postseason—but they would have to finish 5-0 to do it.

That would mean finishing with a nine-game winning streak and that might be asking just a bit much.

The Bobcats have won six games in a row on three separate occasions: From Feb. 25-March 7, 2009, from Jan. 9-20, 2010, and from March 5-14, 2010.

So nine might be asking a bit much. But finishing above .500, on the other hand, would require them to only go 3-2 over their final five games. That’s something that could be doable. They’ve won at Washington once already this year. Winning in Boston isn’t what it used to be. The 76ers? Please. The Atlanta Hawks have been more up-and-down than a defective elevator over the last six weeks or so. And they get the Bulls at home. It’s not hard to see three wins there. Well, OK, let me rephrase: It’s easy to see two wins there and they’ve got a puncher’s chance—three of them actually—to find a third victory.

As always, the players selected for the NBA Best of the Week must play at least 25 minutes a game in more than half of their team’s games (rookies must average 20 minutes a game to be selected).

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