NBA Rookie Rankings 4/6/14: Stats Can Be Deceiving

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Throughout the course of the 2013-14 season, HoopsHabit will be presenting NBA rookie rankings, letting you see who has the best shot at winning the Rookie of the Year Award at season’s end.

In this day and age people get too caught up in stats. While stats can help make an interesting argument they shouldn’t be the forefront of a case for or against something. Just because somebody leads a statistical category does not mean they are the best player in that category.

Stats are the deceiving aspect in the NBA, especially when it comes to discussing the NBA Rookie Rankings. There’s so much more to a player than what the stats say. There are a few prime examples of this that we’ll discuss a little bit later, but for now we’ll look at who’s on their way to winning the Rookie of the Year award.

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  • MCW

    you have fucking down syndrome if you think oladipo is winning this award

    • Lee Washington

      Amen,, Lead WHAT TEAM to wins ??? Doesn’t this idiot know that this team was build in a way to make it IMPOSSIBLE to win,, purposely ??? Jordon could not lead this D-league bunch to wins. Just ignorant logic…

  • MontySr.

    Sorry but oncer again you are clueless, the Sixers team stinks Brett Brown is coaching them not to win. The fact MCW has done as well as he has is amazing Oladipo has a much better team and he cannot wear MCW’s Jock Strap! MCW is playing 32 minutes a game, Oladipo 30 and has played 10 more games. How is Evan Turner doing since being traded, he was having the best season of his career because MCW was getting him the ball as was Hawes, I will give Hawes credit he has played okay since going to Cleveland but again best year ever with MCW passing him the ball. I have watched every game which you obviously have not, MCW constantly gets killed driving to the basket and get some but very few calls. Yes his shooting percentage is not what it will be next year both from inside and out side 3 but his production will be more like his last five games. He has 15 double doubles, 2 triple double with 3 other games that should have been triple doubles if his guys could finish. This team may only return 5 of these guys, Young, MCW, Thompson, Wroten and Sims only 4 guys have contracts. Next year MCW’s numbers and teams production will be better he has done unbelievable with this bunch of D Leaguers and you have no clue how good he is or will be currently he and Lebron are the only 2 players in the NBA averaging 16+, 6+ and 6+ points, rebounds and assists. Leading all rookies in every category of the 2nd worst team, if he does not win rookie of the year the NBA and voters and idiots!!

  • ecmic

    I will concede, you make a strong argument for Oladipo winning Rookie Sixth-Man of the Year.