Sacramento Kings Weekly: Is Rudy Gay Really Overrated?

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If you Google the most overrated players in the NBA you will see many lists of people’s opinions and on just about every single list you will find Rudy Gay. On some of the lists Gay was the No. 1 player listed as the most overrated in the whole NBA. Gay was drafted eighth overall in 2006 behind players like Adam Morrison, Tyrus Thomas and Shelden Williams, all of whom are not currently in the NBA. While playing for the Memphis Grizzlies he averaged 19 points per game and hit many clutch shots for the Grizzlies, helping them reach the second round of the 2012 playoffs. Then Gay signed a big contract with the Grizzlies, and two years after he signed the Grizzlies traded him due to salary cap issues. Then the Toronto Raptors traded him to the Kings, probably for the same salary issues. But even through all the trades, Gay still found a way to score and be clutch for his teams. If you look at Gay’s career stats they are pretty similar to Vince Carter’s. Carter did have a few more highs than Gay, but their averages are spot on to each other. Gay is only 27 and has many good years left in which he could surpass some of Carter’s numbers. Yes there were times when Carter was looked at as overrated, but overall he will probably be a Hall of Fame player. If Gay can play the way he has for the Kings averaging more than 20 points and shooting 50 percent, he will be on a similar plane to Carter’s.

The real reason Gay is viewed as overrated is due to his large contract, if Gay was making less money he would be viewed differently. It will be interesting to see how this offseason will be for Gay with his option of playing out his last year or going after a new contract will decide how people view him from here on out. Now let’s take a look at Gay’s last week and the Sacramento Kings.

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