Atlanta Hawks: Potential Trades Before The Deadline

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It’s that time of year, where speculation and rumors begin to mount around almost every team and player in the NBA. The trade deadline is nearly upon us and there are plenty of teams that are looking to make trades to push them over the edge, either now or in the future. Right at the forefront of all the chatter this year is the Atlanta Hawks. With a flexible salary cap, some great value contracts and a team that has struggled a little recently; all the ingredients are there for a pre-deadline trade.

Since taking over from Rick Sund a couple of years ago, Hawks general manager Danny Ferry has proven himself to be one of the league’s shrewdest executives. Ferry inherited a roster with pieces that most deemed to be untradeable, and then almost over night he flipped them for cap flexibility. Through free agency and trades Ferry has built up a roster filled with some of the best value players in the NBA, and as we all know “cheap” contracts are a powerful bargaining chip.

With this deadline quickly approaching, Ferry will need to act fast, if at all, to change things up. Let’s take a look at a mixture of some of the trades that the Hawks have already been linked with, and some they should be looking to make.

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