Daily NBA Fix 2-16-14: Whoever Said ‘Always Leave Them Wanting More’ Didn’t See The Dunk Contest

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Welcome to your Daily NBA Fix for Sunday, Feb. 16, the morning after the NBA world collectively screamed, “That’s it?????” after the Slam Dunk Contest crowned John Wall of the Washington Wizards as its king (with apologies to Sacramento’s Ben McLemore, who came out bedecked in a royal robe and was later crowned by Kings advisor Shaquille O’Neal).

So what was the problem? Wall won the thing with one dunk. It was a nice dunk, but then … just like that it was over.

The NBA’s response to years of complaints about the dunk contest being too long was to turn it into a microwave event.

It was a confusing, disappointing ending to an All-Star Saturday night that brought back some sizzle to the dunk contest, where for the first time in more than 25 years where three of the participants will be playing in the next day’s All-Star Game.

Paul George, Damian Lillard and Wall will be on display on Sunday, but they also dunked. The new format included a team concept, judging that resembled a reality competition and an ending that was just … abrupt.

With no games to recap, this Daily Fix will instead focus on All-Star Saturday and what went down in the Big Easy.

First, though, highlights!

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