Daily NBA Fix 2-12-14: Flip Flopping In The Standings

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In last night’s seven NBA games, there was a ton of flip-flopping in both conferences, LeBron James reminded everyone he’s good for the millionth time (both on and off the court), the Thunder and Blazers had an epic showdown in Portland, Joakim Noah had a triple-double and even Anthony freaking Bennett had a good night!

On today’s Daily NBA Fix, we’ve got game highlights from last night, game summaries, the five best and worst players of the night and the Goose Egg, Clean and Sober and Ironman Awards. We’ll also be taking a look at who’s circling the drain, we’ll throw in some random tidbits, we’ll take a look at the NBA schedule and we’ll even throw in the daily lines with some predictions for the gamblers out there.

Check out the video highlights first and then start on the game capsules (home team in CAPS).

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