NBA Power Rankings, Feb. 6 Edition: Entering The Home Stretch

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We’re getting to the home stretch, with the All-Star break looming in another week. Teams will be eyeing the Feb. 20 trade deadline to make roster tweaks in an attempt to put a finishing kick together.

It’s worth pointing out that exactly one playoff position changed hands after the All-Star break in 2012-13. At the break, the Utah Jazz were seventh in the West at 31-24 and the Los Angeles Lakers were tied for ninth at 25-29.

The Lakers put together a terrific finish, going 20-8 after the break, while the Jazz stumbled to a 12-15 finish and missed the postseason.

The Eastern Conference seeding was the same at the All-Star break as it was when the playoffs opened, so sometimes late-season moves aren’t that big a deal.

Then again, last year’s deadline was light on major moves and heavy with teams shuffling spare parts. No offense to J.J. Redick, but when his is the biggest name that moved on deadline day, it was not a particularly noteworthy deadline day.

Meanwhile, here are the current NBA power rankings, or if you prefer, you can check out the team-by-team countdown. If a team has a different ranking than last week, last week’s ranking appears in parenthesis just after the current rank:

  1. Oklahoma City (40-11)
  2. Indiana (38-10)
  3. San Antonio (36-13)
  4. Miami (35-13)
  5. Portland (35-14)
  6. (7) Houston (33-17)
  7. (6) L.A. Clippers (34-18)
  8. (9) Golden State (29-20)
  9. (8) Phoenix (29-20)
  10. (11) Dallas (29-21)
  11. (10) Toronto (26-23)
  12. (13) Memphis (26-22)
  13. (12) Minnesota (24-25)
  14. Atlanta (25-23)
  15. Denver (24-23)
  16. (17) Washington (24-24)
  17. (16) Chicago (24-24)
  18. (19) New Orleans (21-27)
  19. (18) Brooklyn (21-25)
  20. Charlotte (22-28)
  21. New York (19-30)
  22. Detroit (19-29)
  23. Sacramento (17-32)
  24. (25) L.A. Lakers (17-32)
  25. (27) Boston (17-33)
  26. (24) Cleveland (16-33)
  27. (26) Utah (16-32)
  28. (29) Orlando (14-37)
  29. (28) Philadelphia (15-35)
  30. Milwaukee (9-40)

When citing team statistics (which come from, any team that is in the top or bottom five of the league for the last seven days will be noted. Player stats are also just for the last week.


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  • Chris Reichert

    I like where you have Portland this week Phil and I agree that the teams ahead are better. The only real disagreement I have here is Memphis. They are better than 12th in the league now that Gasol is back and with the addition of Lee. Losing Conley for an extended period will hurt them standings-wise but they are still a solid Western Conference team.

    • Phil Watson

      They’ve moved up pretty quickly since Gasol got back–remember about a month ago they were hovering in the high teens. But because my ratings formula takes the whole season into account, they still take a bit of a hit for the period they were without Gasol.