College Basketball: Michigan Wolverines On The Rise, Ohio State Buckeyes On Decline

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Things couldn’t be any crazier in college basketball this season. Everything we thought we knew at the beginning of the season has been thrown out the window, reshuffled and put into a brand new perspective. Week in and week out there are games that have questionable results that have no real understanding of those events other than just to sit back and enjoy the show.

This past week saw a great deal of surprising results. Some top teams faced devastating injuries that forced them to go into battle with a depleted roster and losing games. Other teams were able to help their own causes by picking up huge victories, putting themselves into position for a jump in the rankings and becoming a legitimate force in college basketball the rest of the season.

Here, we’ll look at the past week around the nation and decide which teams are on the rise and which teams are on the decline. With that, let’s get started.

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