Daily NBA Fix 1-22-14: Durantula Strikes Again

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In last night’s NBA action, almost everything paled in comparison to Kevin Durant‘s massive performance in a showdown between Western Conference powerhouses. But before we get to the game of the night, we still have to cover Rudy Gay‘s efficient game in New Orleans, the Brooklyn Nets having the best 2014 record in the league, the Miami Heat continuing to struggle even in victory and a few more odds and ends.

On today’s Daily NBA Fix, we’ve got game highlights from last night, game summaries, the five best and worst players of the night and the Goose Egg, Clean and Sober and Ironman Awards. We’ll also be taking a look at who’s circling the drain, we’ll throw in some random tidbits, we’ll take a look at the NBA schedule and we’ll even throw in the daily lines with some predictions for the gamblers out there.

Check out the video highlights first and then start on the game capsules (home team in CAPS).

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