Sacramento Kings: Rumor Has It!

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I am not sure I remember another team in the NBA that has been rumored in more trades than the Sacramento Kings this season. This is after the Kings had already made two trades before Christmas when they added Rudy Gay and Derrick Williams. The Kings have many reasons to overhaul the roster and try to add more talent, they are about to finish their eight straight losing season. Furthermore, the Kings have not had much luck in the lottery over those seven seasons, besides DeMarcus Cousins. The only real contributor to the Kings from their lottery picks is currently Cousins, yes Jason Thompson, Jimmer Fredette, and Ben McLemore are all still on the team. However, not one of them actually do much to contribute, and all of them have been rumored to leave the Kings this season. So at this point the Kings feel it would be best to add more talent through trades than anything else. We all know rumors could be true or totally false, but somehow these reports start somewhere, so we will take a quick look at some of the major rumors this season.

One of the first rumors that was floating around was the Celtic’s Rajon Rondo to the Kings. I felt like this trade would have been good for the Kings with Rondo being able to lead this team with his defense and getting his teammates involved. Now they would have given up Isaiah Thomas, who is killing it right now, and McLemore. Many people thought this was too early to give up on McLemore, but I felt like Rondo would be just what this team needs. This one could still happen, even though it was discussed earlier in the season, but we will see what happens as it gets closer to the trade deadline.

Another interesting rumor was the Kings interest in Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors. This is interesting due to the fact that Thompson will be a restricted free agent after next season, and the Warriors might not have enough money to sign him to the deal he deserves. For this reason the Kings did the smart thing and see if they could swing a deal for Thompson before the Warriors lose him. The Warriors will probably not trade Thompson this season, but like James Harden and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Thompson could be traded during the offseason.

The latest rumor is that the Kings are going to trade for Andre Miller of the Denver Nuggets. This trade does not make a lot of sense to me, especially when it feels like Fredette has been playing better of late. The one thing about Miller is he big enough to play the two guard so he could play with Thomas. However, is he really an upgrade at this point, and why not contuine to see what Fredette can do for you that this point.

All this being said obviously the Kings are going to be active before the February trade deadline, it will fun to see if they can swing a big deal. The biggest thing to keep an eye on with be the draft picks the Kings are willing to give up to get a “star” player, with the 2014 draft being so deep many teams want to get their hands on one of those picks.

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