NBA Power Rankings, Dec. 26 Edition: Rolling Up The Sleeves

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Sleeves, gigantic logos and numbers on the sleeve were the order of the day for the NBA on Christmas. Friends don’t let friends to this, folks. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Because the NBA understand that the cash registers ring whenever they throw a new jersey out there, Christmas has sort of become the special jersey capital of the calendar. Last year brought us monochromatic nightmares and this year we got … sleeves!

I am the resident old-timer here at, as I go back to a time where I not only remember, but actually played in, shorts that were actually short. And yes, it was as uncomfortable as it sounds. Moving right along, though, the one thing we didn’t have even in my era was sleeves on anything but the shooting shirts that we wore in pre-game.

The only logical countermove to this would be for Major League Baseball to adopt tank-tops next season. Then I thought of Bartolo Colon sporting one and think that maybe basketball should stick to the traditional sleeveless look and baseball should keep the sleeves. Don’t cross the streams, people.

As far as the NBA power rankings go, the Thunder’s stay at No. 1 lasted just one week. Yes, there’s a new No. 1. The top five teams remain the same, but with the exception of Portland holding at No. 3, they’re all shuffled.

The top 10, meanwhile, lost the Nuggets and regained the Warriors.

When citing team statistics (which come from, any team that is in the top or bottom five of the league for the last seven days will be noted. Player stats are also just for the last week.


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