Portland Trail Blazers Weekly: Damian Lillard Gets Buckets

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*This is a weekly recap/state of the squad for the past week. It will date from games played the previous Saturday through yesterday (Friday). You might laugh, you might cry, but one thing you will definitely do — learn some stuff about the Blazers’ past week, duh c’mon guys.

This was a tough road trip with the Blazers playing four games in five nights and it finally caught up to them on the last game of the trip. Nonetheless 3-1 on a road trip should still be looked at as a successful trip, although you wouldn’t dare tell Wesley Matthews that. The team struggled a bit on this trip and Wes thinks they might have gotten a little too complacent. Here’s what he had to say after the big loss to the Wolves Wednesday night:

“It’s a mad 3-1 [record] for me. There are so many ways that you can be better. The fact that we allowed ourselves to get down 32, the fact that we made the Detroit game and the Cleveland game tougher than it needed to be. It’s frustrating. But it’s also encouraging. And that’s almost the scary part, because we still got within six after being down 32.”

Rip City is quickly becoming “the hunted” around the NBA and they have to realize that and not get complacent. Their 22-5 record warrants other teams’ best effort on a nightly basis and that’s something this inexperienced group will have to get used to.

With that said — let’s get to it!!

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