NBA Best Of The Week: Week 7—Stars Re-Establish Order

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The Phoenix Suns just keep winning. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was marked by some surprising entries in the NBA Best of the Week, players that might not be considered to be top-tier talents putting together a terrific seven-day period.

Well, let it be said that order was re-established over the last seven days, at least in terms of the star players playing like star players.

Three teams posted perfect records last week—the Oklahoma City Thunder (4-0), the Portland Trail Blazers (3-0) and the … wait, what?—the Phoenix Suns (3-0).

Can we just mail the Coach of the Year trophy to Jeff Hornacek now? Because what dude is doing down in the desert is bordering on miraculous. The Suns are 14-9, 1 ½ games behind the Los Angeles Clippers in the Pacific Division and tied with the Denver Nuggets for sixth in the West overall.

We’re more than a quarter of the way through the season and the Phoenix Suns would be a playoff team and the Golden State Warriors would not, based on the standings at the end of Monday night.

The East-West imbalance continues to be amusing—in that nauseating sort of way. The Memphis Grizzlies at 10-13 are currently 13th in the Western Conference. They’d be tied with the Washington Wizards for sixth place in the East.

Through Monday night, the Eastern Conference had an almost hard-to-fathom 36-83 record against their Western Conference counterparts. That’s a .303 winning percentage.

Miami is 5-0 against the West. Indiana has gone 6-2. Thus endeth thy Eastern teams with winning marks in inter-conference play. The Cleveland Cavaliers are a surprising 3-3. Everyone else is on the wrong side of the .500 mark, capped by the Milwaukee Bucks (not a shock) at 0-5 and the New York Knicks (OK, maybe a little shock) at 0-7.

And with that, we go to the NBA Best of the Week:

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