NBA Best Of The Week: Week 6—Some Head-Turners, To Be Sure

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Trey Burke nearly had his first career double-double against the Pacers on Wednesday. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA is a league that, probably more than any other professional league in North America, is based on some sure things. Star players are going to be star players. Good teams are going to beat bad teams nine times out of 10.

The NFL has its parity and Major League Baseball and the NHL are notable for teams arising from nowhere to at least make something of a splash on an annual basis.

Such is not generally the case with the NBA—teams are built carefully, either by drafting well (Oklahoma City), signing a talented core of players and piecing role players around them (Miami) or by just having a combination of things to produce a system that works year after year (San Antonio).

That said, there were some surprises last week—players that stood above the rest that aren’t the usual suspects and a team that stood above the rest that was thought to be one of the many teams going into rebuilding (read “tank”) mode. So, yeah, it was a fun—if unpredictable—week.

And with that, we go to the NBA Best of the Week:

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