New York Knicks: Defending Carmelo Anthony, Part 1

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Rest easy, Melo. Someone out there has your back. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like everyone has a reason to criticize Carmelo Anthony these days. The reasons for excluding him from the NBA’s elite or labeling him as “overrated” are seemingly endless: The way he left the Denver Nuggets left a bad taste in the mouth. He’s a ball hog who doesn’t do enough for his team. If he were a winner, his team wouldn’t have a 4-13 record right now. He’s never won a title.

Despite the fact that he’s one of the league’s premier talents, Melo is one of the NBA’s most widely scrutinized athletes. Rumors about Melo leaving the Big Apple are starting to circulate and yesterday, George Karl put Melo on blast in an ESPN interview saying, “He’s an individual that produces individual success but doesn’t produce championships.” Coming off a win (finally) and a 19-10-6 performance, Melo could be turning things around. But nobody’s particularly impressed still and rightfully so. So before the Melo-hating dies down, let’s take an extended look at how the first three arguments against him have been blown out of proportion.

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