Kobe Bryant Mirroring LeBron James' Play Proves LeBron is King

Apparently Kobe Bryant needs LeBron James to tie his ties for him too.

I guess that makes sense when you consider just how much copying Kobe’s done of LeBron over the Lakers’ recent “resurgence” in the Western Conference.

Even when you throw in the Lakers’ ugly loss to the Michael Beasley-led Phoenix Suns, Kobe’s been a different beast as of late.

In his past four games, against the Utah Jazz, Oklahoma City Thunder, New Orleans Hornets and Phoenix Suns, Kobe has averaged an incredible 17.3 points, 12 assists and 7.8 rebounds per game. And he’s done so all while shooting just 12.8 shots per game and hitting shots at an impressive 54.9 percent clip from the floor.

If you’d never watched any basketball before in your life you might think Kobe is the most unselfish “team player” in the entire game.

But in reality he’s just taking a page out of LeBron James’ book of efficiency, and hey, it’s working pretty well.

LeBron James has been dominating the basketball world with team basketball and efficiency from the moment he laced up his kicks in an NBA locker room.

With career averages of 27.6 points, 7.2 rebounds. 6.9 assists and 1.7 steals per game, LeBron is in a whole different level of dominance in the ranks of the greatest to play the game.

It’s not shocking that Kobe is starting to mimic LeBron, especially with his most recent success winning the 2011-12 regular season NBA MVP, the 2012 NBA title and the 2012 NBA Finals trophy. The only real question is why it took Kobe so long to realize that playing unselfishly would help the Lake Show and himself out immensely.

In reality it’s not that shocking because, well, Kobe’s a ridiculously selfish player. Sure, he’s good enough to be selfish. It’s just amazing that it took him 16 years to figure out what LeBron figured out when he heard his named called No. 1 overall in the 2003 NBA Draft.

Either way, the fact that Kobe is mirroring the way that LeBron has risen to dominance points to the scientific truth that LeBron is now the king of the NBA.

There should now be no debate regarding who’s the better player between Kobe and LeBron.

It’s clear that LeBron is leading the way because he’s played with efficiency and a team focus for 10 years now, whereas Kobe’s been doing it for just four games.

It’s LeBron’s world, Kobe’s just living in it. That has never been any more clear than right now and it’s time for LeBron supporters to bask in the greatness of that.


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  • Greg

    So true…

  • http://gravatar.com/altezalawrence rorensu

    what a biased article.

  • Dr C.Goode

    Problem rorensu? U mad cause LeBron is proven to be King?

  • Pop

    You can’t be serious…

  • Rick

    Are you serious?

    Kobe Bryant

    2002-2003 season averages
    PPG: 30.0 RPG: 6.9 APG: 5.9 SPG:2.4 BPG:0.8

    PPG: 28.3 RPG: 6.3 APG: 5.4 SPG: 2.3 BPG: 0.7

    You basically can’t count the first two seasons in Kobes NBA career because of the inconsistent playing time. If you remove those two, then his career averages are bumped up to about 28 ppg, 6 rpg, and 6 apg. Is that not just as impressive as LeBrons numbers?


    • Greg

      Yes, you can count Kobe’s first two season. He wasn’t good enough to start out of HS. Lebron was.

      Even if you don’t count Kobe’s first two seasons, your numbers are incorrect. If you exclude Kobe’s first two seasons, he’s averaged 5.03 assists per game, and 5.62 rebounds. As well, his PPG would be 27.1.

      So no, definitely not as impressive as Lebron’s numbers.

  • Anonymous

    Not really, especially considering you have to throw out 2 seasons. I’m sure if we’d throw out Lebron’s 1st 2 seasons, his stats would go up to. Heck just take out his 1st season then he’s averaging. 28.3 ppg, 7 apg, 7.4 rpg. Kobe still not on that level.

  • boyer

    Very dumb article. I guess the writer forgot that the queen has averaged more FGA/game than Kobe has over their respective careers. Different roles, different systems. I”d like to see the queen average more than 6 assists/game in the triangle offense. And also forgot that Kobe’s style of play has led to 5 titles and 7 NBA finals appearances. I guess the author is also indirectly bashing Jordan and many other all-time great scorers for not force-feeding the ball to their weak-minded teammates as well. Also, the lakers offense has been stellar all year long, a little inconsistent, but still stellar. Defense is their problem.

    • georgemiguel

      you still insist that defence is the problem, while the brand of play of kobe’s giving assist to his team mates that is why they are winning now? so, means your basket ball is not elementary and fundamental but mere fanaticism and blind idolatry! bring out the 81 points maybe that is the answer, okay. LOL

    • Greg

      Kobe’s averaged 19.6 FGA over his career. Lebron has averaged 20.3. Not a big difference at all.

      And no, Kobe’s “style of play” has not “LED” to 5 rings, any more than Robert Horry’s style of play led to his 7 rings.

  • george miguel

    the moment that kobe tries to mimic the brand of play of lebron is a clear testament that indeed lebron jmaes is the king! it is true that kobe had some good stats in the past, but we can not deny the fact that most of the sportwriters who oftenly covered the nba games through the years, snubbed him, bec they firmly believe that there are some players who are deserving than him, okay! i give you one clear example! in 2006 season! kobe is at his peak with a an average of more than 35 points per game, yet lebron still beat him in that year in the mvp voting bec lebron performed well in the play offs than kobe did! same as their PER EFFICIENCIY RATING where kobe got only a rating with 28 points PER while lebron is 28.1. means that even in 2006 during the time of kobe’s peak of his BRAND of PLAY! lebron is alrady the KING, okay!

  • Anonymous

    a TRIVIA to learn and remember! in the NAGEOCHANNEL, it has shown recently that a BLACK MAMBA is not match to a KING COBRA! the ASIAN KING COBRA just devoured the BLACK MAMBA whole whenever they met! just in the nba too! just look at their regular seassons match up! lebron has now 12 wins against 6 wins of kobe! even in statistics lebron is ahead! so, means? eventhough they will not meet or have never meet in play offs of finals! lebron is indeed the king over kobe! and that is sad fact to accept for kobe fans, okay!

  • george miguel

    a BLACK MAMBA is indeed no match to an ASIAN KING COBRA! even, in NBA WORLD! lebron owns kobe, okay!